SMD is a partner offering good value for money, producing decorative and technical products.
The main competence of SMD is the injection and extrusion of different plastics and we are specialized in the decoration thereof.
Our products are delivered world wide, just in time, to a variety of different industries.
We think global and act local together with our sales forces and agents all around the world.
Part of our philosophy is, to produce individually in a short term, in the same time we have hundreds of standard items ready on stock in our express line to be delivered fast.
Plastics today make almost infinitive solutions possible.
A high tech material - with good reasons to be used in modern furniture.
Almost endless forms are typical for plastics. Specially in case of touch and surface!
Superb hygiene-features - homogene surface for easy cleaning.
High strength and stability at relatively light weight - at the end of product cycle 100% recycling ability.


Our partners are

  • furniture industry
  • interior design companies
  • hardware dealers and DIY markets
  • automotive industry
  • electrical industry
  • home appliances
  • gift items


We can extrude a big number of all sorts of different profiles. The same stands for injection. Our own molding department makes it possible to inject all sorts of designs.
This, together with the availability to decorate our products in a number of high tech procedures make us materialize your visions.


Our decoration techniques

  • water transfer
  • hot stamping
  • metallizing
  • galvanizing
  • tampon print
  • soft touch surfaces
  • christal stones
  • artifical and real leather
  • paint


A highly educated and family like team is happy to accept any challenge from our partners.


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